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Performance enhancers amongst the elite and the underdogs

Clomiphene and Letrozole have caused the UFC huge problems in the past month. In layman's terms, you take estrogen after you take a cycle of performance enhancers because of side effects. When you cycle, your body is introduced to synthetic testosterone. At this point your body is producing testosterone and androgen levels too far above the norm.. The cycle of naturally produced testosterone is therefore halted. Clomiphene will raises testosterone levels. Basically, the athlete isn’t taking anything that produces additional testosterone, but is manipulating their body into thinking it needs more, so it produces more. Letrozole prevents the side effects of exorbitant amounts of estrogen and leaves more testosterone in the system.


New Indy league hoping to buck the trend?

Independent baseball is not an easy gig. Leagues form and it starts with great intentions, but after over 100 years of baseball, only two leagues are still in existence from the 1990’s (Atlantic, Frontier).

Since 2010, eight leagues have folded (Continental, Freedom, Mountain Rainier, North American, North Country, and United League). Included in that list is the Northern League. The Northern League has a history dating back to 1902. They couldn’t even handle the financial difficulties that comes with putting on an exciting and affordable product on the field. Despite joining forces with two existing leagues to form the North American League, finances ultimately had them make a difficult decision.

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