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From the NHL to business owner: Darius Kasparaitis and life after hockey

Darius Kasparaitis was drafted as the fifth overall pick in the first round of the 1992 NHL Entry Draft by the New York Islanders. He played a total of 16 years in the NHL for the Islanders, Pittsburgh Penguins, Colorado Avalanche and the New York Rangers. Previous to that, Kasparaitis played five seasons for Dynamo Moscow.

In over 20 years of hockey, he played in over 1000 games and saw great success professionally and on the International level where he won three Olympic medals, including gold in Albertville in 1992. He also won three Junior medals including gold in 1992.

Twitter: Friend or foe for the new age athlete

Twitter is a great tool and gives fans unbridled access to professional athletes 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This form of communication, whether you like it or not, is great for athletes to show the fans who they really are. They are actual "people" outside of the lines, but with that comes immense responsibility that some athletes (IMO) do not take seriously.

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