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Can Jose Canseco be a role model for younger players?

40/40, MVP, World Series Champion, Rookie of the Year. All things that make up the career of Jose Canseco. He is baseball's conscious. A player so entrenched in its history, yet he's rarely if ever acknowledged for what he did on the field.

Canseco is the Godfather of steroids, but he's not the only person to to look for an edge.. He's admitted to using performance enhancers which elevated his achievements to unearthly levels. His home runs were glorious and his image was pure Hollywood.


Eddie "Truck" Gordon battles adversity in and out of the cage

Eddie "Truck" Gordon has been a longtime MMA fighter who won The Ultimate Fighter 19 (TUF). He's seen the ups the downs that all athlete incurs, but consistently remains positive regardless of the situation. In addition to his fighting career, Gordon wants to make a change in the world. He is the Founder and CEO of the Eddie Truck Gordon Foundation, a not-for-profit with a mission to help uplift our community one child at a time. He recently launched the Shut Up & Fight! Drug Addiction campaign to raise awareness and support for the families and loved ones that have been affected.

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