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American Association boasts an impressive leaderboard

With the American Association season under wraps, and the Winnipeg Goldeyes crowned as back to back AA champs, it's always fun to take a look at season ending standouts. This week we’re going focus on three offensive leaders; Shawn Pleffner, Jabari Henry, and Matt Chavez.

Lightning in a bottle: Tony "Lightning" Luis is destined for greatness

Tony "Lightning" Luis, the current NABA-WBA Lightweight champion, makes his first title defense October 14 in Cornwall, Ontario. But that's not the whole story. You don't just walk in the ring and know how to fight. It takes years of sacrifice and a multitude of ups and downs to get where Luis has gotten. I had the privilege to speak with Luis about his early years, how he got involved in boxing, and how a computer malfunction ultimately made him a stronger person.

The GM’s Perspective: People see the bright lights, the glamour, and the money, but not the behind the scenes. What is your typical training regimen like, especially with a title fight coming up on October 14 where you, Tony “Lightning” Luis (24-3 8 KO's), defend your NABA-WBA Lightweight championship  at the Cornwall Civic Complex, when you face Giovanni Straffon (14-2-1 9 KO’s)?

Tony “Lightning” Luis: For instance, my last three training sessions for the week will be tomorrow (Friday) and that will be the end of a six day stretch where I’ve been going sometimes twice a day. That’s a combination of, a minimum, five boxing sessions a week (two to three hours) and half are my hard sparring days. I do my strength and conditioning in the morning which consists of long-distance running. Other days it could be sprints and interval training. Of course I incorporate a variety of sport specific strength training (weightlifting, plyometrics).

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