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Face to Face going strong after 25 years

After 25 years and 10 albums, Face to Face is going as strong as ever. They are currently on tour promoting their latest album "Protection" and I'm thrilled to say I will be seeing them live for the first time in Toronto this week.

I first heard about Face to Face during my freshman year at York College in 1997. Some of my teammates from California introduced me to a song called Disconnected and I have been hooked ever since. Unless you were really involved in the punk scene/community, you only had the radio. Before the Internet, our options were limited and we were curbed to the many different styles of music out there at the time. Back in the olden days, the Internet and social media really weren't even words used to describe anything. To enjoy any music on the West Coast, especially in a genre that most wouldn't consider mainstream, it was almost impossible. Bands like Face to Face, Pulley, Strung Out, and NOFX were owing the So-Cal punk rock scene and I was nowhere nearby to enjoy it.

Former NHL goalie Malarchuk hopes his experiences will help others

Clint Malarchuk was a goalie in the NHL for over 10 years. At the height of his career he was one of the best. However, behind all the accolades, a man was dealing with a silent struggle that very few knew about.

During his time with the Buffalo Sabres, he experienced one of the most horrific injuries in the game and came back after only 10 days. The injury was one that would've kept almost anyone from playing again, but the NHL's cowboy wouldn't let a physical injury hold him back. Mentally he was battling demons that would nearly take his life.


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